Councillor Endorsement

“When a 35-story tower was approved by the OMB, only steps away from his child’s school at John Fisher PS, Stavros showed leadership. He organized parents, challenged the system and offered solutions.

Now, at this time when critical decisions are being made regarding school capacity, properties, fields and finances, we need Stavros Rougas at the TDSB to challenge the board to do better and offer thoughtful ideas to support our city’s students and communities.”
Josh Matlow
Toronto City Councillor

Parent, Coach, Tech Entrepreneur, Journalist

I am running for trustee to help modernize the school board and make difficult financial decisions. We need more money for programs, capacity and infrastructure which all taxpayers have the right to benefit from.

School for me was a struggle, I was in special education. Today I run a tech business I co-founded. I was a journalist at TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

At new John Fisher schoolyard (Sep '18)

Bennington Heights – Bridle Path – Davisville – Hoggs Hollow – Lawrence Park – Leaside – Sherwood Park – Silver Hills – St. Andrews – St. Andrew-Windfields – Teddington Park – Thorncliffe Park – Windfields – York Mills


I am not backed by any political party.

Trustees without political IOUs are what we need. Trustees with the ability to look fairly at issues. Trustees in a position to make difficult decisions when needed.

The local victory that fuelled my bid for trustee
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Where I share my thoughts on school issues as I canvass door-to-door:

My 8 Education Ideas

1: Schools That Work for Active Boys and Girls
2: Safety and Walking to School
3: Overcrowding and Low Enrolment
4: School Land is Public Land & Land Deal Transparency
5: Money
6: French Immersion
7: Communication Tool for Parents
8: Math Basics Not iPads

Bedford Park Public School – Bennington Heights Elementary School – Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School – Blythwood Junior Public School – Denlow Public School – Dunlace Public School – Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy – Harrison Public School – Hodgson Senior Public School – John Fisher Junior Public School – Leaside High School – Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute – Maurice Cody Junior Public School – Northern Secondary School – Northlea Elementary and Middle School – Owen Public School – Park Lane Public School – Rippleton Public School – Rolph Road Elementary School – St Andrew’s Junior High School – Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School – Thorncliffe Park Public School – Windfields Junior High School – York Mills Collegiate Institute – Whitney Junior Public School

$1,795 raised to date

I need your financial support, mainly to buy lawn signs and door hangers

In a battle for Toronto District School Board children I brought attention and results (see 94 pages of media):

Vote for trustee on Oct 22 while voting for mayor. You're in Don Valley West if you live here:

“Stavros knows how to go from great ideas to get things done. He also knows how to go from not-so-good ideas to better ones.

We trust his real interest in improving education and well-being of children and schools across the district. Stavros, your decency and common sense will shine at TDSB!”

About Me

I was born into Thorncliffe Park. School for me was a struggle, I was a special education student for many years. Public education gave me a fighting chance (my school story).

My experiences range from being an international election monitor in Ukraine to quitting my job to co-found the startup company Expertise Finder which I currently run. 

Insatiably curious. It’s why I learned to speak French, Russian and Greek. It’s why I got a master’s at Université Laval studying in French even though my parents didn’t attend university or speak French. It’s why I built this site. I’m always learning.

Ask around. I fought tooth and nail for the children of John Fisher Public School and together we got results.

It was personal, my son is a student, and it was principle, public education is a core of any strong society and the kind I want to live in.

I’ve lived on three continents. I was born and raised in Ontario and educated at public schools and universities in Ontario and Quebec.

I’m a coach, volunteer and I have worked at a TV producer as well as an international election observer across the former USSR. I currently run a startup I co-founded.

I’m a native English speaker who speaks French fluently and I hold my own in Russian and Greek.

I learned the hard way a trustee matters

I was one of the John Fisher parents asking questions about a proposed land deal with the developer of a tower next door to the school.It was confidential.

When we asked what health and safety measures they had agree on… It was confidential.

Then I made this Toronto Star article happen, the first of a sustained media blitz. This empowered a community. Together we got results.

I want to be your voice at the Toronto District School Board.

Me (turquoise shirt) with councillors Jaye Robinson and Josh Matlow at John Fisher rally